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Paranormalist Defies Phenomenon with Sci Fi Magic!

Brandon Scott, The Wizard of NOHO, demonstrates time travel in the unique theatrical production of Out of Thin Air at the Actors Forum Theater in NOHO.

North Hollywood, CA (PRWEB) October 25, 2007 - Utilizing his research and experiences in magic and the paranormal, Brandon Scott combines his success as an actor and storyteller to brings his supernatural experiments to the stage. Very much like a Human Rubik's Cube, Brandon's multi faceted talents add up to a clever and highly entertaining one man show that integrates: magic, comedy, music, Quantum Physics, Shamanism, mentalism, parapsychology and inspiring personal stories. "I have been looking forward to an opportunity to combine my bazaar and extraordinary life's experiences into one performance event", Brandon told some of his friends after sequestering himself for a month as a living experiment in time travel inside the Actors Forum Theatre in North Hollywood, California.

Audrey Singer, owner, founder and artistic director of the theatre, welcomed Brandon's unusual idea. "Brandon is like a real wizard", commented Audrey who has gotten to know more about Brandon's mystical side. But it's not all just mysticism and the supernatural, Brandon utilizes comedy along with his sci-fi-magic and stories to demonstrate the paranormal and depict his life's adventure, such as his encounters with World Heavyweight Champion, Mohamed Ali.

"Scott humorously examines the concept of time, and how synchronicities and coincidences connect people to the past, present and future. A funny, thoughtful production filled with excellent card tricks and optical illusions, Out of Thin Air reveals Scott's love of performing." wrote Mary Mallory, writer for The Tolucan Times and Canyon Crier.

"I saw the preview of his show and had a wonderful time. Brandon's humor is very cool and he always makes me laugh" commented singer- songwriter Laura Cohn, on her nationally read Blogg news. Brandon, who is completely bilingual in English and Spanish, has appeared on NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, Telemundo and Univision. He has also been featured on the popular internationally syndicated radio show, Coast to Coast AM with George Noory where he performed mental magic, live on the air.

The Actors Forum Theatre is the perfect place for Out of Thin Air, Brandon said as he was ironing his shirt on stage while trying to move a soda can with his mind. "It's been fun converting this into an art and paranormal /science loft and inviting audiences to experience supernatural and magic phenomenon. I enjoy coming up with ways to replicate the paranormal, and in setting up the right conditions, maybe a real paranormal event could happen during one of the shows, it's happen before. I've had ghosts appear, glitches in time and amazing synchronicities, so you never know!"

As a seasoned paranormal and UFO investigator, Brandon has traveled the globe attempting to unravel some of the biggest mysteries on the planet. When he is not shooting a film or a television show or performing at the Magic Castle in Hollywood; you can find him exploring underground tombs of the Mayas, climbing the Great Pyramids of Egypt or photographing UFOs. "I was inspired by Fred Alan Wolf's book, Parallel Universes", Brandon shared with us, "Its exciting how in this 21st Century, Science and ancient knowledge of Earth magic is converging." Brandon works with numerous paranormal researches year round and has participated in many time travel experiments; most recently with researcher and world authority in Time Travel, Starfire Tor. Brandon joined Starifre to talk about these experiences on the radio show, Dreamland, hosted by Whitley Strieber renowned author of dozens of books including Communion, The Grays and the recently published, 2012. Along with a double feature interview with his wife Anne Strieber, Brandon and Starifire revealed some of their most astonishing experiences with time anomalies. Brandon further clarified that, "Out of thin Air is a Sci-Fi version of what I have experienced in real life, it's my personal What the Bleep!"

"Out of thin Air, directed by Ayers Baxter, is more than just a magic show in that it explores the life of a 21st Century wizard's encounters with paranormal phenomenon while searching to find the inner wizard inside of him. One man shows such as this one have become popular vehicles of expression for many artists. NBC's popular weatherman, Fritz Coleman, presented his award winning one man show, It's Me, Dad; on the very same stage for an extended year engagement.